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My Portfolio
This is a continuation of some of my favorite photos. I ran out of room on the first two portfolio pages so I have added a third page.

My favorites from this page are the Skimmers, not that the photos are really that good but because they are not seen very often performing this on the beach.

I will continue to add photos to my website, so come back often and check out my latest additions. Let me know what you think. Feel free to sign my guest book on the main page.
A Baby Eastern Blue Bird looking out from his house.Two young Osprey's on their nest in the Beaufort River.The sunrise at the beach on Hunting Island SCThe view from the beach at Hunting Island on a nice summer day.Another sunrise on the beach. Hunting Island of course.The Lady's Island Marina at night.A Green Heron at the Sands in Port Royal SCA Egret and a cCrab looking for a meal on Hunting Island SCAre you laughing at me?A Eastern Blue BirdRaccoon on Hunting Island SCA sand crab on Hunting Island beach.There are hundreds of these Crabs along the shore of Hunting Island beach.A colorful Dragon Fly in my back yard in Beaufort.These two Egrets were having a ball chasing each other on Hunting Island.One of my favorite shots.This white frog had made a home in my grill. Luckily he escaped when I lit it to cook some hamburgers.Marine Corps graduation day on Parris Island SCThe sunrise on Hunting Island beach.A Brown Pelican flies overhead on Hunting Island beach.Pelican enjoying the sunshine on the Beaufort river.A Red Headed Woodpecker pokes his head out of his home.Skimmers taking a drink on Hunting Island beach.A Squirrel enjoying a orange he took from the Hunting Island Camp ground.One ugly ass bird. The Wood Stork.Strutting his stuff on the beach at Hunting Island.Hunting Island beach.the Sands in Port Royal SCA Woodpecker on Hunting Island beach.

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